Mineral and bottled water, juices, beer, dairy products, etc.

Heat-shrink label – sleeve:

The Firstline Company produces heat-shrink label – sleeve with various options from high-quality European raw materials using flexographic and rotogravure printing. Sleeve label is the best way to decorate a container with irregular shape, providing a big scope for designer ideas. On the market, sleeve-label is successfully being applied to various drinks, dairy products, sauces and household chemicals. This label can be used practically for any container: glass, tin, polypropylene bottles, polyethylene cups, etc.

The technology of sleeve-label allows:

  • application on containers with non-standard or irregular shapes;
  • use of all container surface for design placement, allowing more useful information and advertising to be added.
  • protection against unauthorized opening;
  • protection from fading and attrition;
  • use of latest printing technologies and films;
  • reduced carbon footprint thanks to environmentally friendly material (OPS)

The Sleeve-label provides bright product design and better visualization on shelf, emphasizing company image.

Wrap-around Label:

Circular label (wrap-around) – is an integral attribute for goods with various packaging. It contains information about product composition, technical specifications, the manufacturer, expiration dates etc. A circular label (wrap-around) – gives comprehensive review of your product directly from the shelf.

The Firstline Company manufactures wrap-around labels for bottles or jars which are widely used by manufacturers of dairy products, lemonades, juice, mineral and table waters and other soft drinks which are more commonly seen in plastic containers.

Wrap-around label can be printed on transparent BOPP film from the inside or outside on pearl-white or metallized films.

The label is not affected by damages, it is not deformed by water, it is unaffected from mechanical, chemical, and temperature influences, always retaining high quality of design.

Important advantage of warp-around label is that it can used with PET bottles, giving opportunity to cut down expenses at joint utilization of a PET bottle and label.


  • high resistance to external influences and wear: does not soak from moisture condensate, is not affected by high temperature, does not damage when transporting;
  • attractive external appearance, a possibility to use pearl, metallized materials and an opaque varnish, texture nice on the touch;
  • a possibility to use combined materials to achieve unique elements of design;
  • compatible for various labeling lines.
Materials Sleeve Wrap-around
PVC 40-60 µ (degree of shrinkage50 -60%)
PAT 40-60 µ (degree of shrinkage до 75%)
BOPP 20-40 µ
beverages dairy products, juices, soft drinks and soft drinks mineral and bottled water, juices, soft drinks, beer, dairy products
foods ketchups, sauces, syrups, coffee, baby food and others.
household chemicals
Perfumes and cosmetics
pharmaceutical preparations
industrial goods batteries, tools, stationery, etc.
sleeve width 15-300 mm
sleeve height 10-350 mm
Label covers
top of the bottle and cap execution and control of the opening
the central part of the bottle decor decor
all product execution and control of the opening
several units of goods group packing
Design methods
rotogravure up to 7 colors up to 7 colors
flexography up to 8 colors up to 8 colors
Opening elements
perforation horizontal
vertical with pull-tab


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