An ideal replacement for outdated tin, glass and aluminum cans.

An ideal replacement for outdated tin, glass and aluminum cans. Retort packaging extends shelf life of the product without any use of preservatives.

Product description

RETORT packaging is an innovative packaging made of special multilayered films which guarantees protection against external factors even when the product is sterilized at temperatures up to 135 degrees Celsius.


Innovative materials are a key aspect of retort packaging. Because of high requirements to barrier properties, temperature conditions, sterilization and sanitary standards, retort materials and adhesives notably differ from the materials and adhesives used for traditional packing.

Used for

ready-made meals, soups, sauces, seasonings, milk, juice, vegetables and other sterilized products.

Decoration methods

Rotogravure printing

  • Improved flavor characteristics.
    Retort packaging are usually made in a form of thin pouches with a big surface of heat exchange which reduce need for thermal processing times by more than by 3 times compared to cans. This feature allows to keep major aromatic and flavoring components which are lost during long processing times.
  • General savings can reach 340%
    Reduction of production time and decreased energy consumption thanks to faster heat processing brings down variable costs. Small and ergonomic design removes need of large packaging and storage areas, decreasing warehouse expenses and transportation costs.
  • Attractive appearance. Allows printing practically on all surface of the packaging.
  • Considerable reduction of size and weight of the product. The weight of retort packaging amounts to less than 5% of the total weight of a packed product, for cans this figure is between 10-25%, and for glass cans 45-100%.
  • Decrease in transportation costs. One euro truck can transport up to 5 million empty package retorts that correspond to 25 euro trucks filled with aluminum or glass cans.


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