One of the main segments of Retort packaging is wet pet food packaging.

This type of packaging does not only have attractive appearance, it also solves a number of problems connected with feed manufacturing technology and storage.

Retort packaging, which is made from multilayered films, allows to reduce sterilization time. This packaging not only allows to save taste and aroma of food, but also provides the customer with a wide variety of design options.


In production process of Retort packaging, Firstline Company took into consideration pets’ sensitive smell. For example, the cat’s sense of smell is 14 times more sensitive than human’s. Therefore, any unfamiliar smell of packaging’s material or adhesive in the final product can be a cause of cat’s rejection to eat. Considering this crucial aspect, Firstline Company carefully chooses materials and adhesives for its wet pet food packaging to avoid such problems.

Decoration methods

rotogravure up to 7 colors
flexography up to 8 colors


  • Improvement of flavor characteristics – Retort packaging for a wet food excludes presence of metal after-taste which is common for tin containers. Consequently, animals are not frightened off from food by unfamiliar smells.
  • Usability. Retort packaging for wet food does not require additional efforts in opening.
  • Attractive appearance. Allows printing practically on all surface of retort package.


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