Quality of production management, quality compliance processes, the quality of the products, and finally – quality customer service.

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Innovative technologies in package manufacturing.

Technology`s level depends on intellectual and physical capital. Experience, working knowledge, quality and advanced equipment lead us to innovative activity. That`s why “Firstline” invests funds in professional staff members. For reasons beyond control, that is a weakness of manufacturing companies in CIS countries.


There are rotogravure and flexography printing at factory. Our printing equipment has the ability to reproduce printed design up to 8 colors, which gives large opportunities to combine full-color images (true color, 4 color CMYK) with numerous additional colors and hues (silver, gold, white, branded pantones).

The main advantage of gravure printing is its high-quality reproduction of complex design elements and color variations. Thus, the manufacturer, for which the accuracy and depth of image performance and small text are priority, needs rotogravure.

Applying the rotogravure printing, even with multiple use of the same cylinders, can be provided a very high level of repeatability, circulation and accuracy of reproduction pattern details. Moreover, the quality and accuracy of the gravure printing are independent of minor fluctuations in the equipment configuration, thus the human impact on the quality of the process is significantly reduced.



Laminator was developed in accordance with the latest control processes and systems of adhesive application. Simplicity and ergonomic design make laminator the ideal machine for runs of different materials, such as plastic film, aluminum and paper.

Three-shaft system guarantees high quality lamination. Full motorization of all shafts and innovative SLEEVE system minimize the changeover time from one order to another.


Innovative technologies in package manufacturing.

Firstline Company manufacturing capabilities includes newest equipment from the leading global companies like Emmendinger Maschinenbau GmbH, COMEXI Group, Lombardi, KOHLI Industries, HCI Converting Equipment Co. ltd.

Our company is aimed to be always up-to-date with the world’s latest developments and pioneer innovations. High-class equipment and cooperation with our progressive international partners gave us some important competitive advantages:

  • high quality final product in compliance with international quality standards;
  • major technological effectiveness of production processes;
  • production of difficult, multilayered, and high – barrier structures for unique purposes;
  • constant drive towards innovation;


Firstline continuously works on introduction of international experience for effective manufacturing, upgrades and improves existing equipment, introduces programs for cost optimization, adopts international experience of large innovative companies (Japan, USA, Germany and Russia).

Our company always looks in to the future and builds its strategy according to modern world tendencies and market developments.

Most importantly, Firstline Company is strongly focused on its customers and their business and we highly appreciate our clients’ aspiration to be first in their market.


Before production, all raw materials that arrive to the enterprise, pass the quality acceptance process. Received raw materials undergo chemical-biological and physical-technical testing in in-house laboratories. Expensive and high-quality raw materials are delivered directly from Europe.


Quality of production management, quality compliance processes, the quality of the products, and finally – quality customer service.

Business management

Compliance to ISO 9001 requirements means high level of company’s reliability. The ISO 9001 certificate of conformity is external independent confirmation of achieved standards.

Technological processes and personnel motivation

Modern equipment which is used at the enterprise, demands competent approach in service and strong compliance to all technological norms and processes.

Control and quality assurance

In the Firstline Company quality control is precisely and accurately managed. To achieve high level of quality, we have implemented comprehensive control of all main production phases.